Family Entertainment Centre

Computer games have come a long way since 18 July 1992 when Dr. Quirkeys opened its doors to a very enthuastic and excited crowd in O'Connell Street, Dublin.  Back then Street Fighter II, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Simpsons were the hit games in what was state of the art graphics and cutting edge gamer enjoyment.

Today Dr.Quirkeys has become one of the leading gaming arcades in Europe.  With 20,000 square feet of entertainment area, SEGA, NAMCO &  Konami, 3 of the worlds biggest game manufacturers use Dr. Quirkeys to trial their latest games.  So our patrons are some of the first players in Europe to experience the latest titles.

But gaming is only a part of the total Dr. Quirkeys experience.  Children of all ages can have great fun with the official NBA basketball hoops centre, Cosmic Cranes, pinball & the latest video games & dance machines.



Pool Hall

18 pristine pool tables for you and your friends to enjoy.

Amusements & Cranes

Win from a huge range of toys, watches, premiership footballs..


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